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Varane made two mistakes, Real Madrid defeated Etihad, was double-killed by Manchester City, and stopped in the Champions League for two consecutive seasons. Facing Manchester City’s high-post press, the lack of Ramos’s best defense line in La Liga seemed a little lost. Zidane’s relatively risky deployment of the ball led to further pressure on the backcourt, and the substitution method of blindly accumulating offensive forces did not meet expectations. Effect.


Compared with the starting lineup in the first round, Real Madrid has four "new faces" in the starting lineup of this game. Militan fills the vacancy of Ramos, he is more suitable for starting central defender than Casemiro and Nacho; Hazard appears in the starting lineup, Zidane hopes that the "Blue Moon Killer" can stop the kick after the rematch The accumulated energy is fully released.

与第一轮的首发阵容相比,皇家马德里在这场比赛的首发阵容中拥有四个“新面孔”。 Militan填补了Ramos的空缺,他比Casemiro和Nacho更适合担任中后卫。危险出现在首发阵容中,齐达内希望“蓝月亮杀手”能够在复赛后停止踢球。累积的能量被完全释放。

Cross returned to the starting lineup, Zidane still trusted the midfielder of the ceremony in the key battle, the "Christmas tree" with F. Valverde and Isco was not suitable for this kind of attack. Rodrigo stood out from a crowd of candidates and qualified for the starting right winger. Rodrigo has both the attributes of a winger and a forward. He can not only share the scoring pressure of Benzema, but also cooperate with Carvajal to attack the tough. The more stable way of handling the ball is suitable for the Champions League away game.


In the away match at the Bernabeu, Guardiola lined up a 442/424 without a front, strangling and intercepting based on the midfield without the ball. This time, he took the lead and returned to the home court. Guardiola followed some of the ideas of the first leg. The traces of Manchester City's lack of frontline are still obvious, but their performance in the high-position press is more aggressive, giving Real Madrid lacking Ramos Great pressure in the backcourt.


Two mistakes in giving gifts, Varane became the target of public criticism after the game. When Ramos missed a strong dialogue for some reason, Varane's performance was always disappointing. In the second round of the 2014/15 season in the Madrid Derby, Varane & Nacho's central defender combination was blown by opponents. This battle became the fuse for Ancelotti's dismissal; last season's Champions League 1/8 final round against Ajac Sri Lanka, Varane also became the background of the loss.


During the Champions League three consecutive years, it was Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos and Modric that supported the framework of Real Madrid's backcourt system. When the opponent pressured Real Madrid's backcourt, Ramos and Marcelo were the main ball handlers. Cross and Modric came to the defensive line to catch the ball, attract the opponent to grab, and then use the kick wall to cooperate and match. The long pass is completed.


In this campaign, Marcelo and Ramos missed the start, Cross and Modric should have worked harder. However, perhaps it is the underestimation of the power of Manchester City's high pressure, or it is hoped that the midfielders can devote more to the frontcourt attack. Zidane adjusted Real Madrid's backcourt play pattern. The two central defenders used the ball for a long time, Cross and Modric seldom made a deep retreat to catch the ball, this move hit Manchester City's arms.


The three players in the middle of the backcourt made consecutive mistakes, and Casemiro in front of them also played a bad game. Casemiro’s advantage is that he has a good sense of defensive position, able to withdraw to protect the center and forward to support the center. The disadvantage is that the body is not flexible enough. Single-on-one defensive speed players are more disadvantaged, and the stability of forward passes is insufficient. There will be a hasty shot when pressed.

后场中间的三名球员连续犯错,而他们前面的卡塞米罗也打得很糟糕。 Casemiro的优势在于他具有良好的防守感,能够撤退以保护中锋并向前挺身以支持中锋。缺点是身体不够灵活。一对一的防守速度球员更加不利,并且前传的稳定性不足。按下时会有匆忙射击。

Within a period of time after losing the ball, Real Madrid tried to rely on a high position to complete the speed, Cross position in advance to cooperate with Benzema to put pressure on the Manchester City center back. However, due to the lack of running and single defense capabilities of the frontcourt players, Real Madrid's high-position press not only failed to continuously seize the ball, but exposed the midfield to the opponent. Manchester City made several quick breaks easily through midfield. If Militang and others went forward to seal the loopholes, the home team could take the lead again.


In the 27th minute, Real Madrid tied the score with a smooth cooperation. Before Rodrigo assisted Benzema, Kroos and Modric played a key role in passing and dispatching the midfield. When Real Madrid can quickly complete the transition from the guard line to the midfield, and hand the ball more to the feet of the dual-core, the offensive organization and advancement seem to be much more stable.


Real Madrid's goal came from the right, but Hazard on the left didn't have much dazzling performance. Judging from the actual combat effect, Hazard has not yet recovered to his best condition, completely suppressed by Walker, who is in excellent condition on the opposite side. In order to ensure the pressure on the mid lane, Benzema reduced some pull sides in this campaign and tried to stay in the mid lane as much as possible. Hazard lacked support on the side lanes, and the tacit understanding between him and Mendy needed to be improved.


In the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League knockout stage, Real Madrid played the diamond 442. Isco's value lies in the ability to use running to connect the various theaters. This season's top F. Valverde has a similar effect. Without these two "blue-collar" series, it is inevitable that Real Madrid's midfielder will lose ground.

在2016/17赛季欧洲冠军联赛淘汰赛阶段,皇家马德里队打出了442钻石。伊斯科的价值在于能够通过跑步与各个剧院建立联系。本赛季的头号F. Valverde也有类似的影响。如果没有这两个“蓝领”系列赛,皇家马德里的中场球员将不可避免地失利。

After changing sides, Modric frequently came to the defense to receive the ball, Manchester City's physical strength has declined, and Real Madrid's offense has improved. After Benzema relied on his personal ability to continuously create murderous intent, Zidane replaced Asensio. After Asensio appeared, he tended to move in the middle, capturing the space created by Benzema after suppressing the line of defense.


Faced with Zidane's changes, Guardiola replaced Bernardo Silva, running and holding the ball to relieve the pressure on the defense. After Vazquez, Jovic and F. Valverde played, Manchester City still insisted on the strategy of striving for the ball. Guardiola did not replace Otamendi until the last minute to strengthen the defense.

面对齐达内的变化,瓜迪奥拉换下了贝尔纳多·席亚搏app登录网页版尔瓦(Bernardo Silva),奔跑并握住皮球以减轻防守上的压力。在瓦兹克斯,乔维奇和瓦尔韦德出战之后,曼城仍然坚持争取球的策略。瓜迪奥拉直到最后一分钟才取代奥塔曼迪以加强防守。

In a game where at least two goals are needed to make a promotion, Real Madrid only completed 9 shots, which is less than half of the opponent's (20). In the 69th minute, Modric completed Real Madrid's last shot of the field. Their total offense in the last 20 minutes failed to pose any threat to Edsson's gate. Two players with good shooting skills missed the squad, and two players who scored in the first round were missed. Real Madrid suffered such a dilemma.


After losing 3 goals to Paris in the first round, Real Madrid played well for 80 minutes in the second round. In the first half of the season, the Madrid derby and the national derby handed over two goalless draws. The Galaxy Battleships played six games in the second half of the season. They defeated their opponents in separate battles...Able to complete 3 error corrections in the first season after the formation of the "Galaxy III". Zidane's coaching ability has been proven. Unfortunately, Real Madrid failed to play in Iraq. Tihad continued this rhythm.


After Ronaldo left the team, Ramos has become the team's top card. His absence not only caused the defensive system on which Real Madrid depends to survive, and weakened the attacking ability of the frontcourt, but also made this champion team lose on the court. The faith and courage to survive adversity. Benzema is tired, Real Madrid can also rely on Jovic's "Christmas tree" to break through in the Western Super Cup, Ramos suspended, the White Cots can only stop the Champions League round of 16 for two consecutive years.


Of course, it is also one-sided to blame Ramos for his absence. Even in the stage of winning streak all the way after the rematch, the long-standing "weakness" problem that has plagued Real Madrid has not been completely resolved. To score more than two goals in Etihad was originally beyond this Real Madrid's. Capacity range. The efficiency of the striker is unsatisfactory, and the solid white defense in the league also has a lot of room for improvement. The lack of substitutes in some key positions and the disadvantages of "encirclement" defense cannot be ignored. "Galaxy III" won the Western Super Cup and La Liga at the start, but Zidane and his disciples still have a lot of work to do if they want to restore their dominance in the Champions League.

当然,怪罪拉莫斯的缺席也是一方面。即使在复赛后一直处于连胜的阶段,困扰皇马的长亚搏app登录网页版期“弱点”问题也没有得到完全解决。在阿提哈德打进两个以上的球本来超出了皇马的水平。容量范围。前锋的效率不尽人意,联盟中坚实的白人防守也有很大的提升空间。在某些关键职位上缺乏替代品以及“包围”防御的弊端不容忽视。 “银河三世”一开始就赢得了西部超级杯和西甲联赛冠军,但是齐达内和他的弟子们想要恢复在欧洲冠军联赛中的统治地位,还有很多工作要做。





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